Massage & Mindfulness

    Sonja Tewes


    Sonja specialises in Women's Therapeutic Massage and Mindfulness for Injuries. Working in the centre of Chagford, Sonja offers a 75-minute Full Body Therapeutic Massage and One-to-One Mindfulness appointments.

    As an experienced practitioner, Sonja is recommended by other healthcare and bodywork professionals, such as an osteopath; a Pilates instructor and a Tango teacher...

    ‘This treatment works profoundly!’  (Osteopath, Dartmoor)

    ‘This is a top class treatment with wonderful benefits.’  (Pilates Instructor, Newton Abbot)

    ‘No-one has ever massaged my feet like that before - I feel more awake!’  (Tango Teacher, South Devon)

    Whether you are looking for a deeply relaxing massage or a more detailed approach to injury; back pain or stress, please call for further information.

    All enquiries:
    t. +44 (0) 1647 433711