Dartmoor Diary from Chagford - Foxes, Robins And..

Dartmoor Diary from Chagford - Foxes, Robins And..

The Photographer and the Assistant had decided upon a lie in. It was Easter Monday and they had had a lovely time with their friends from North Bovey and the Daughter on Easter Sunday. They had talked and read poetry until they could speak no longer. All were relaxed and returned home ready for a lovely sleep. They dreamt of their friends' wonderful lemon cake full of lemon curd and that delicious roast chicken, which tasted for all the world, of this wonderful Dartmoor Spring.

It was about 7 a.m., and the Photographer was dreaming of that superb apple pie, oozing in fresh spices and apple, when a different type of 'Apple' became agitated, it jumped up and down, trying to ring, it made a strange noise as if it was being strangled. Its efforts to wake the Photographer were beyond its strength. The Photographer carried on sleeping, mentally putting a large dollop of Greek yogurt on his pie. The Assistant was just going to try pacifying the device when the lounge phone rang. She answered the phone in trepidation. This was a person she did not recognise, going through some security questions, claiming to be their bank. The Assistant was not the best at financial administration, but she had been trained to put the phone down if someone claimed to be from their bank. By now the Photographer was just awake. "Quite right" he thought, to ignore the call. 

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