Chagford Film Festival 21 - 26 September

Never mind Hollywood - come to Chaggywood! Tickets are now on sale for Chagford Film Festival 21 - 26 September.  Call the ticket line on 01647-434362 or buy in person from Helpful Holidays in Chagford. There's something for everyone from Tarantino to Bollywood, arthouse to musicals, even exclusive intimate lunches with our special guests Kevin MacDonald, Alan Lee and Chris Vile.

Plus! India comes to Chagford as part of the Festival Saturday 26 September - join the fun from  midday as Chagford is transformed for the afternoon with delicious curry stalls in the streets, special menus in the cafes, freshly made chai tea, henna artists, Indian music and more. This is a free event - just turn up! From 6pm you can be part of a fabulous spectacle - a wondrous mechanical elephant parading around the town square followed by a crowd of people (including you) taking part in a Bhangra flash mob dance.

Unique, quirky and not to be missed.