Daffodil Days

Daffodil Days

My mother Sally told me of her happy memories about going for spring walks along the river bank here, and coming back with armfuls of daffodils. She's the little girl in the bobble hat. So imagine my delight to come across these photos in my grandmother's albums recently.

Also in the photos are my great-grandmother Nellie, who died before I was born, great-aunt Gertie, uncle Nick (the smiley little boy), grandmother Val and grandfather Eric (the Dartmoor guide & author. Both re-married in the '60s). They all lived in Chagford and loved going for family walks and picnics on Dartmoor. Everyone looks so happy, don’t they? A good reminder that it’s the simple things in life, folks.

Who’s going down to the woods today to check out the daffodils?!

(Please admire from afar and don’t pick them; leave them for others to enjoy!)

Dartmoor’s Daughter is a Health & Life Coach and Walking Guide