Mindfulness Workshop in Chagford - 16 September

Mindfulness Workshop in Chagford - 16 September

Breath As a Tool for Healing is a mindfulness workshop with Sonja Tewes, an experienced therapist and workshop leader.  As a tool for healing, the breath holds the potential to transform our relationship with all things.  The way that we breathe helps us to choose how we react to stress and what we carry with us in terms of past experiences.

This is a practical workshop to introduce the skills of Mindfulness, inspired by the teachings of John Garrie Roshi.  Relax posture, lighten the emotions, increase energy and awareness.

For bookings and further information call 01647 433711 or email Cost: £35, small group, mats provided, free parking.

Chagford School Hall, Chagford TQ13 8BZ