Changing the Guard from Chagford's Dartmoor Diary

Changing the Guard from Chagford's Dartmoor Diary

"Going to run over” … “getting gear on now xx" the text messages read.

The Photographer and the Assistant carried on reading their Sunday papers. This was last Sunday as spring began to show her ever beautiful colours.

To know the whole story to the text you have to go back to the early 1980s. Margaret, a character very like an older midwife in the television series "Call The Midwife" is standing at the window watching her daughter in law and a small child in the garden. The child is two and is doing her best to help her very pregnant mother tie in the raspberry canes. It is spring and there might even be daffodils soon. Though disguising it, the “midwife” is worried. Four years ago she moved in with a young couple who both had careers. It was difficult to tell which one was the most ruthlessly ambitious, her son or daughter in law? Now she lived with the same son, a delicate daughter in law and a toddler and there was another baby on its way. She could not voice her feelings. She thought that her daughter in law had way overstepped the mark in being greedy for another child. On top of that she was not the easiest person to tell what to do. Only last week this tiny asthmatic creature had been told plainly that she was an "Elderly
Primate" in front of a crowd of other younger mothers. Now, she was flatly
refusing to go to the ante natal sessions.

Thank goodness she had persuaded her GP to see her, although even that was with her travelling on the back of the son’s motor bike.

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