Dartmoor Diary from Chagford - Latest

Dartmoor Diary from Chagford - Latest

Dartmoor Diary from Chagford - By the Photographer's Assistant

It was the first day of September. The Photographer stood outside his workshop surveying the Assistant at work. She was in the garden
with a fork and her own small pair of gloves. He had had to buy so many
gloves! She was totally absorbed. This was not good. Could it be 
that after all
her promises, she actually had Mother of the Bride 
Syndrome? She had been very
tense and the very mention of the wedding produced a stream of babble. How to
cope? He was taking her home to Wales, to border country soon. Would this work?
He was certainly taking her away after the wedding. The thing was you had to quietly say and she had to admit it, that her practical side as regards arranging anything, was missing. In the scheme of things, she managed life by racing around and not being caught. All this brought to mind, his first meeting with her.

The Photographer met the Assistant a very long time ago, around 47 years ago. From a distance, she had had a reputation for running. There had been various events that had not helped the reputation. When she lived at home, her mother and father had always covered for her. There seemed to be various boyfriends to be avoided, her mother had estimated a total of three in one week, and once her very liberal father had upbraided a lad for bringing her home late. The worst had been the Runner. He had appeared to be a steadying influence. He seemed to call for her, take her out and was lasting. The problem was that he and most of the runners were sick every time they finished a race. The Assistant really couldn't take this. She began running. The Runner became a stalker. Running meant that he became a bit of a stalker. He had developed two addictions, the long distance competition, and the daughter. He even took up delivering the post so that he could be near. The mother never knew where her daughter was and the daughter kept running even faster. The daughter now had a broken nose after falling from a dustbin escaping through a toilet window. This is still prominent on her friend's wedding photo, where the bridesmaids broken nose was preeminent. In fact, weddings were mounting up. The daughter had attended three in one day and had been mistaken for the bride at a registry office. She had no idea why all these friends wanted to lose their freedom.

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