Dartmoor Diary from Chagford - Latest

Dartmoor Diary from Chagford - Latest

We, that is The Photographer and I, are no longer listening to the news. We find it very stressful and worrying and we have already made our minds up as to which way to vote. The dreadful murder of Jo Cox was almost beyond belief, so we just can't go there any more. This is a blog for those of you, who like us, have been thoroughly traumatised while sitting in your own sitting room.
Where shall we go?

Well, let's go out into our Dartmoor garden, which we have been encouraging lots of friends to come and see. The garden has been a project for 14 years now. It has cost money, but not too much. Most of the plants have been unwanted or in sales. When the Photographer started slashing the undergrowth, he was looking worn by life and the world. Now, he is just worn by trying to reach the garden's expectations, which are very high. He enjoys the fight and is often to be found in the evening slumped against the Assistant, who is fast asleep, pretending to watch a cultural program. She would rather be watching The Musketeers, but the Photographer likes the erudite.

This year the garden has finally decided to give good marks for effort, and actually grow vegetables that are upright, strong and edible. The roses and peonies are bright and scented. Things are really happening out there. On the return from a short trip away, there was a shock in store. A rhododendron, which had been purchased for under £7 had flowered for the first time in Britain. It had been brought from China by the plantsman, who went on trips there, and sold the plants on the basis that they would probably do nothing. The plantsman was so excited that he sent an e-mail at 5 am asking for a photo. The Photographer has caused a stir! On the same trip around the garden, the large banana plant donated by Paul, an old friend, had flowered. No! We don't think that it will produce the fruit, but we don't know whether it is a sign that it will die. We hope not! So if you are near, do drop in. Fresh batches of scones are always on the go.

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