Massage & Mindfulness

    Sonja Tewes


    Now specialising in Women's Therapeutic Massage and Mindfulness Training (Workshops and 'One-to-One'), I am an experienced practitioner, working in the centre of Chagford.

    Whether you are looking for a one-off treatment or in-depth support for back pain/recovery from injury or stress, I provide a professional and dedicated service.

    "I had a wonderful massage from Sonja the other day.  I have had lots of massage treatments in the past and I would definitely recommend Sonja’s work.  She uses her hands in an incredibly intuitive way, almost having a conversation with the muscles.  I felt comfortable in every way.  A very worthwhile treat!”  (Alexander Technique Teacher, Dartmoor)

    “Just to let you know, Sonja, that I really loved the workshop and feel that I have finally learned to breathe properly!”  (Business Owner, Chagford)

    “Thank you for showing me a way to help myself: it’s a miracle that I can raise both arms above my head, again.”  (Retired Gardener, Chagford)



    (Women Only)

    Ease away tension and strain in the muscles and joints; mind and emotions, with a full body therapeutic massage.  Try a course of massage for lasting help with back and neck pain.

    75 minute appointment
    Initial consultation, 15 minutes


    Learn a sequence of relaxation and awareness exercises, designed to unravel stress in the body and mind.  Try a course of Mindfulness to help with recovery from injury or repetitive strain.  Restore balance to the muscles and joints; improve flexibility and make room for more clarity in your life!

    75 minute appointment £45
    Initial consultation, 15 minutes £15
    A course of six sessions £245


    Introductory workshops for small groups, on a variety of themes:

    ‘Mindfulness starts in the Body’

    ‘Breath as a Tool for Healing’

    ‘Core of Stillness’  and more . . .

    Saturday workshops (10am to 1pm)

    ‘Way of Mindfulness’ draws on my original training with the late John Garrie Roshi: a practical and body-centred approach to healing and Life Skills, shaped by the traditions of Zen and the innovative methods of a remarkable teacher/teaching.

    As a combined approach, ‘Massage and Mindfulness’ offers a broad range of skills for relaxation and self-healing, using breath; posture and movement awareness to improve health and transform the actions and interactions of everyday life.

    All enquiries:
    t. +44 (0) 1647 433711